Astrophotography Camera Filter

How to Find the Right Size Filter for Your Astrophotography Camera

Filters are a great way to optimize the quality of your images! There are filters for almost everything (we’re still waiting on the invention of a cloud filter, though!). One of the best-known filters for deep space imaging is the Radian Triad that isolate specific wavelengths of light from space. Get a full rundown here on types of filters, specs, and more!

After you decide what kind of filter you want to use with your astrophotography camera, the next important spec is the filter’s size. Choosing the right filter size depends on the size of your camera sensor.  View a quick video on this here!

Some camera sensors are small, and it won’t make too much of a difference if you buy a larger filter size for them since larger filters will fully cover a small camera sensor.

Although, if your camera sensor is larger, it is important to get the right size for your astronomy camera.


What Happens If I Use the Wrong Filter Size?

Astrophotography Camera Filter

If the filters do not completely cover your camera sensor, you will have images with major vignetting or just completely black outer edges. When your images have completely black outer edges, the data is not recoverable.

If the filter is just slightly smaller than your camera sensor and only a few shades darker on the edges, then that is easily recoverable with flats. Click here to learn more about image processing.

Which QHY astro camera are you looking to use filters with, or have successfully imaged with? Tell us in the comments below!

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